A Daily Devotional


Ever feel like you don’t have time for a Daily Devotion with God? No one is perfect and I am guilty of feeling like this myself from time to time. Or, perhaps spending time with God simply slipped your mind for a week, month, or even years… It happens. What’s important is what we do once we realize we’re missing out on one of the most beautiful joys of life – spending time with our creator and getting filled, renewed and strengthened to face whatever may come at us each day.

Our relationship with God is like any other relationship we have. If we don’t spend time developing it we will become distant. Think about your relationships with your husband, wife, friends, siblings, etc. Think about how much time you spend each day conversing or spending time with them in silence. I would bet a few hours or more is spent each day with someone of significance in your life. Now think about if you only spent 5 min every other day with that person. What do you think would happen?  You would most likely grow distant from each other and the relationship would suffer. Our relationship with God is no different.

Dedicating a time each day to spend in devotion – reading, studying, praying or meditating – will help to strengthen your relationship with God. Devotions are a time we desperately need to do in order to stay close with the Lord and grow our faith. This is something you can feel. When you are spending adequate time with Him you can feel that happiness, peace, and love in your heart. And when you spend little to no time at all with the Him, you can feel that too.

If you have trouble remembering your devotional time, try setting up some reminders. You can write it on your to do list every day, schedule it in your calendar, on your phone with an alarm, put sticky notes wherever you will see it the most or ask your spouse or friend to help keep you accountable.  Also, don’t forget when you’re spending your time in devotion to be silent and listen. He speaks to us too! Maybe not in a loud, booming voice like we see in the movies, but he speaks to our hearts. Our relationship with the Father should be a priority in our day, starting now.

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