Affordable Gym Membership

I am a self-proclaimed gym rat I have seriously been going to the gym straight out of high school at 17 years old. I discovered fitness classes back when step was super huge, back in the glory days of step. It was like super confusing and I would trip and fall and but it was amazing. By the way, the only format that I seriously crashed and burned trying to teach, I didn’t realize just how difficult of a format it was to teach. So, if you are a step instructor out there props and more power to you!

When I discovered the world of group fitness and group exercise I knew it was my jam. I started working in my college gym and shortly after at 24-Hour Fitness and I will say that I have never paid for a gym membership in my life! Sometimes I hear people saying that they pay $200 – $300 a month and I almost want to fall over, I mean I get it there are some super amazing gyms out there but at the same time, I also know that being fit and working out shouldn’t have to break the bank.

While I understand the mindset of a group environment and actually going to the gym, I also know from being in the fitness industry for so long that so much of it has to do with just moving your body and knowing how to fuel your body. I recently started going to Grit Cycle where people are paying a small fortune to attend their spin cycle classes. For me, never before having to pay for a workout my head started thinking WOW…all these people are paying hundreds of dollars a month for these classes.

I want to save you time and money, because although I can afford these classes I can’t always get to them in the course of all the things I have going on daily. I recently decided that I’m going to commit to do a home workout program in my garage before my kids get up. I knew I needed to add weight training with heavy weights and get some accountability as well. I started doing this home workout program and I am wrapping up week two right now and I gotta tell you I’m kind of falling in love with the idea of just rolling out of bed, throwing on a sports bra underneath my pajamas and slipping into the garage all before my kids wake up. It’s really been a nice shift for me and with this online gym there are hundreds of online workouts to fit into my daily routine.

This is this is where I’m talking about affordable gym membership online with hundreds of workout, literally you could choose to do yoga, then the next morning Tai Chi, or you can just do strength training or HIIT training. Whatever workout you like I can bet if you it is in this online gym. This online gym membership is ninety-nine dollars a year, where along with workouts come different meal plans, recipes and even a cooking show. It’s all based on health and fitness it’s not like just having a gym membership where you only get workouts, you will also get nutrition advice, tips, recipes like and it’s just $99 a year. I’m in love with everything I get with this online format. Of course, I am I still gonna teach classes, I’m still gonna go to grit cycle because I love it so much and it does give me that super intense cardio workout that I love because I’m sorry I am a gym junkie. But for only $99 a year (that’s $8.25 a month-and yes I used a calculator)

So if you’re out there and you’re thinking to yourself I don’t have time to go to gym and I don’t want the financial investment of a gym membership but you need accountability I’m here to tell you that not only do I do this myself but I help people do this too. I’d love to have a conversation with you or I can just send you a video that kind of explains what I’m talking about. Our generation needs to wake up and realize what we do now is going to keep us around for our children and our grandchildren. So with that I want to remind you my friends to Just keep moving my friends! Eat well! Drink more water! Comment below or send me a message and let’s do this together!


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