Tips to Get Rid of Insomnia

I have recently come out on the other side of about a 3-4 month battle with insomnia and I have done a lot of research, listened to podcasts, and actually saw a specialist and I want to share with you what I found worked for me to help me get over my bout with insomnia. 

There’s nothing worse than sleep deprivation and with my kids, or even my husband, waking me up at all times during the night for whatever reason, I had to find a way to get back to sleep without laying there for what seemed like hours at a time. I racked my brain through it all and have gathered tips that have really helped me to fight my insomnia and to get past it.

First and foremost this is probably the one that made the biggest difference for me is supplementing with magnesium. There is some magnesium in my meal replacement shake that I drink every day, however I now take an additional supplement of magnesium called magnesium glycinate, specifically designed to help with insomnia. Banana tea, where you boil an entire banana, peel and all, can also provide you with the magnesium your body may be lacking. *The banana peel is packed with magnesium.

Another huge recommendation I have for you, if possible, is to take a bath before bed. This can help your body to unwind and relax.

A bedtime routine, just like we have for our kids, will most likely help your body get into the right mode for sleep. Develop a regular bedtime routine and a regular bedtime every single night and try to wake up at the same time every single day, even on the weekends. Our bodies like routine.

Something else that I didn’t realize it was affecting my sleep were the lights all around me. Whether it’s the alarm clock, your phone, the baby monitors etc. these all need to be eliminated, or at least turned around so you don’t focus on them while trying to “unplug” at night.

The other thing that was sometimes keeping me up were the noises in the house or outside. I found that the use of a sound machine, playing white noise, helps me to drown out the sounds that oftentimes kept me up and tuned into.

Another great tip that I have for you is the use of oils and or lotions, the use of aromatherapy to help relax and therefore sleep. Whether it is the essential oils or lotions, there are many options with lavender and other relaxing scents.

I’ve also found that if I get up just drink a little glass of milk that it actually helps. I don’t know why but it does so I always make sure that I have milk in the house, specifically for that reason.

Of course, you can use some supplements too like melatonin, I did that for a while but I have heard that long-term use could actually lead to insomnia one thing that um that

I realized was the whole idea of when I would wake up I would get like sleep anxiety I would think oh no am I gonna be able to go back to sleep and that is what was keeping me up so something that helps with that is I really focus on my breathing I really focus on okay I’m I will be able to go to sleep it’s almost like positive affirmations to myself and stretching if I’m having any problems sleeping whatsoever I get up I stretch I stretch I just honestly just five minutes but with each stretch I do some deep breathing and I just constantly tell myself it’s okay I am gonna be going I am going to go back to sleep and that has helped so so so much and

The final thing that helps is journaling before you go to bed, especially if your brain is busy. Before you go to bed put on paper everything that you have to do tomorrow or maybe you just write down what are you grateful for right now. Maybe you just need to write positive affirmations to yourself like, I am relaxed, I am peaceful, I am going to go to sleep, I’m gonna have a great night’s sleep, I’m going to get up early and feel refreshed. Whatever you need to do put it on paper. Whatever is on your brain put it on paper, maybe that means writing out your to-do list, the things that are kind of buzzing through your head. Let your subconscious mind start working on those things for you so when you wake up it is a lot easier to get going and started with your day. Your subconscious mind has probably worked out a couple things that you hadn’t thought of, or maybe a problem you’re having trouble figuring it out will seem a bit less troublesome. If you leave it to your subconscious mind, you will allow yourself to drift into a creativity zone while in stage three of your sleep cycle. This is where we have dreams and everything and you’re gonna find some answers there even if you don’t consciously realize, it will help you

If you’re struggling with insomnia I hope these tips help you like they did me. Share below what you have found works for you. Also, if you know of anybody who could use these tips please tag them below or you can always share it to them specifically.

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