Can Shakeology Help You Lose Weight?

I’m a good friend of Holly and we’ve been friends for a long time! I guess I’m not shy about my before and after pictures!

I had my second baby last year and my first baby in 2011. It wasn’t really until after I had my kids that I really wanted to get more into shape. I’ve always been into fitness, I’ve always been an instructor and I wasn’t really over weight but I was never as fit as I should be or could have been…to me, personally.

After I had my kids, it pushed me to of course lose the baby weight but then a little bit more. So after I had my kids I used Shakeology to help me drop some weight right away because right after you have a baby you can’t work out really hard. So I had to modify my diet and I like to eat! And I like to eat everything too! I like to eat healthy but I like to feel full! That’s something I have to work on.

With Shakeology, I did a meal replacement for my dinner every night. I would watch my portions during the day, work out and then have my Shakeology at night!

That helped a lot!!

I started doing T25 and PiYo from home. I couldn’t take my little one to the gym yet. A lot of gyms won’t take babies until they’re 6 months or even 9 months so I was kind of forced to work out from home. Which I prefer to work out at the gym, I’m kind of a gym rat. But I do like working out at home now because it kind of grew on me. I still do PiYo about 3 times a week.

I also give Shakeology to my kids. I’ve been drinking Shakeology since 2009 and signed up as a coach in 2010. I also did drink it the whole time I was pregnant and breast-feeding. I modified it depending on my goals. There were times I drank it as a snack or a meal replacement.

Everyone in my household drinks it. My husband gets mad if I don’t make it for him for lunch because it helps him make it through the afternoon slump. My kids drink it every morning and my son gets super upset if I run out of chocolate, in fact he throws a fit so I have to have extra chocolate bags on hand.

My mother in law also drinks Shakeology. High cholesterol runs in her side of the family and her cholesterol dropped so much that she doesn’t need to take her cholesterol medication anymore because she drinks it daily.

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