Have you ever suffered so your child could sleep?

This post is for all the moms out there that have ever suffered so their child can sleep 😴

This little angel is worth every second of pain.

The good news is, I’m fairly certain there’s a massage in my near future.

I’m pretty sure I’ve earned it.

But ya know what… when you’re only in Vegas for a short visit with family you barely see, you make sacrifices.

While I AM very proud of the fact my children have a very regimented schedule 99.9% of the time, very rarely do we throw caution to the wind like this and don’t plan a formal nap.

I know I might create some controversy here but I WHOLE HEARTEDLY believe in getting kids on a schedule. Brain development has so much to do with the amount of sleep a child gets. I want my kids to have the best edge possible.

And honestly having a schedule Is the reason he was able to fall asleep (right around nap time) – because it’s engrained in him.

I know so many people don’t want to be bothered but let’s face it, don’t we ALL thrive with routine, familiarity, schedule, habits and an order of conducting our day? Why would it be different for a growing and developing child?

Do you remember to brush your teeth every day? That’s because you probably do it at the same time every day. Do you have solid work hours or an order of doing things at work? That’s because humans function best with a schedule.

Ok. I’m off my soap box. 😝 (I do think it’s important to note that I WAS the mom that didn’t want to create a schedule for my child). Lucky I found this thing called DESPIRATION – because my first was underweight, not sleeping at night and after research I realized it was because he didn’t know how to nap. Who knew? Once we got that under control everything fell into place.

And it all happened around the smar time I really started to learn about how awesome sleep is for development.

Every parent is different and that’s ok… you gotta do what ya gotta do, but if you can create ANY kind of routine for your child…I highly recommend it.

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