I remember when they were babies I couldn’t WAIT for the moments of peace and quiet…

As someone who is admittedly fueled by accomplishment, I struggled with feeling “worthy” by “just being mom”

People would tell me “Try to enjoy it” and “You ARE accomplishing something” and they’d say “What you’re doing IS important”

Even though I KNEW this deep-down, I still struggled with feeling any sense of accomplishment at all…

We got both the boys into school as soon as they could (around 2 years old)… those 3 hours always went by way too fast…

Then, last year, when Luke started Kindergarten I realized how quick it had all flown by. I began to regret my innate desire to speed up time so I could finally feel like ME again… I realized that I didn’t take the advice of so many wise women who were trying their hardest to speak this truth into my heart. Maybe they knew the regret I’d feel… I don’t know.

Here’s what I DO know: COVID has been a blessing because I feel like I got to recover some of that time.

Today was not an easy day. I spent most the day walking back and forth between work spaces, helping both kids with their virtual school.

Every time I sat down and thought I could get something done, one or the other needed me… It went on like that the entire day.

I really haven’t accomplished much today and that’s ok. I know that come August I won’t have this time again…

I won’t have this choice again. So, I’ve decided to take their advice.

I WILL enjoy this.

I AM going to find fulfillment in “just” being mom.

I AM making a difference.

If you can identify with this, please share this. This post goes out to all the mommas who have that inner desire to do more but KNOW they need to be there for their family first.

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