How To Get Motivated!

The number one thing that people ask me is how to get motivated to start a workout plan. How can I get motivated to create a better balance in my life? How can I get motivated to start saving more money? This is a very tricky subject but the key to motivation comes down to three basic things. It’s so simple and when we’re starting something new, we tend to over analyze and let the start stop us.

Tip #1: Go slow and steady – Remember the old story of the tortoise and the hare? I think this is what gets a lot of people confused and tripped up. Initially when they first get started with something, they want to go 90 miles an hour because subconsciously, we think that’s what we must do in order to be successful. Either all or nothing. But if you go slowly by adding little, basic steps every day, then eventually the motivation will follow. That’s key and critical, just going slowly and steady wins the race. Remember that. Whenever you’re starting something new, you don’t have to listen to that voice in the back of your head that tells you to go crazy and go after it with everything you’ve got because that will definitely lead to burn-out.

Tip #2: Just get going – The start tends to stop us from moving forward in any direction. Even if it’s just the smallest step in the right direction, do something! So let’s relate that to health and fitness. Just do something that’s going to propel you forward and start moving and motivating you. Whenever I start with someone brand new, I just tell them, “You know what? All we’re going to do is ten minutes every day. That’s all I want you to do: ten minutes, at least five days per week.  Aim for seven but if you get in five, then great!” Because the key is to start the process of getting motivation, right? So you want to just start with something very small, very simple, something obtainable, and something that you can do consistently. 

Tip #3: Move – Action will propel you to be motivated. If you wait for motivation to show up before you actually do anything, then you are going to be waiting for a very long time. Typically, how many of us spring out of bed in the morning? Every morning, you’re just like, “Oh I’m so awake and I’m excited. I’m alive and just so excited to get out of bed.” Or how many of you go, “Oh it’s morning? That’s my alarm? Should I hit snooze?”  A lot of times, we have to actually get in the act. Get out of bed first in order to start feeling, “Okay yeah, I am actually kind of awake.”

It’s no different with starting a workout program; with starting your own business; with changing any type of  habit. If you’re trying to break a habit or make a good habit, or trying to lose weight, or save money. Odds are the motivation will not come first. You first need to make the move, you need to make a positive step in the right direction. If it’s continued for a little while, then the motivation starts to kick in because we start to see the results. So just start moving in the right direction. Just do it!  Just get out there. Just start the movement and the momentum will follow.

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