How to shine in ANY industry!

Holly Hierman 205.01


Follow these steps to help you get noticed and develop you place in the world.  Learn creative and realistic ways to make yourself shine in an industry of stars.


STEP 1:  Get Known

  • Research who the industry leaders/presenters are in the field.
  • Make a plan to meet those individuals
  • Attend their classes and/or workshops and talk to them after
  • Regularly attend relevant workshops and conventions
STEP 2:  Get Certified/Educated
  • Get and remain certified with nationally recognized individuals within the field.
  • Educate yourself on current trends, methods, research findings, etc.
  • Read industry magazines/journals
  • Always be learning
STEP 3:  Stay Known 
  • Stay on top of current trends
  • Continue to regularly attend workshops and conventions
  • Be a consistent figure at related events
  • Learn to teach multiple formats or have a wide base knowledge to draw from
  • Be visible
STEP 4:  Networking through Social Media 
  • Never burn bridges
  • Continue to make new contacts
  • Branch out and try to meet people across related fields
  • Join Facebook, Instragram, Twitter
  • Friend/follow others
  • Friend the friends of others
  • Be active making at least 2 posts per day
  • Like others’ post
  • Write comments on others’ posts
  • Post motivational quotes/pictures
  • Keep clean
  • Always post positively
STEP 5:  Be Active not Static
  • Seek knowledge, growth, change
  • Step out of your comfort zone regularly
  • Stay in touch with past employers and contacts
  • Offer to help at workshops/conventions for free
  • build a following in your activities
  • Discover your special unique talents
  • Pursue becoming a presenter
  • Pursue a career working for a well-known organization (be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up!)
  • Pursue writing articles for publications in the field

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