True story. It went on for weeks.. I kept forgetting to brush my teeth in the morning… Let me explain, but first, let me ask you a question: Do you brush your teeth at the same time each day?

You probably do. So did I – for about the first 30+ years of my life. Then… I had kids and my routine went from:

Wake Up, Go Pee, Brush Teeth to

Baby Cries, Nurse, Put Baby back to Bed, I try to Function for the Rest of the Day…

By the time lunch rolled around my teeth felt GROSS!

I kept asking myself: Why do I keep forgetting to brush my teeth?

The answer: My routine changed. No longer was I waking up at the same time every day. No longer was my morning mine… Now, it was 100% controlled by that cry – when the baby would wake.

This reminds me of SO MANY other habits that we seem to keep “forgetting”… Like, forgetting to take vitamins, go for a walk, drink your Super Food Shake, Pray, etc.

When you want something to be a habit, you need it to be at the same time EVERY DAY. That’s really the only way to create a strong habit. And habits, my friends, will determine WHAT and WHO you become in next few years, and ultimately, in your life.

You are the sum of your habits. Period. So, what habits do you need to cultivate?

Let me help you that. Back to my teeth. How did I solve the problem? I had to find a new “anchor” – this is when you TIE a new habit to something you already do every day.

Luckily, I DO shower every day… So, my new teeth brushing time was “anchored” to when I get out of the shower. Thank goodness I’m not walking around 1/2 the day with Stank Breath anymore! LOL

My suggestion for you: What do you do every day that you can anchor your new habit to?

Here are some ideas: Want to remember to pray? Meal time has been a great anchor for many. How about just counting blessings… maybe before you go to bed.

For something you want to do several times a day, maybe commit to it while you go to the bathroom? TMI? It’s ok… I roll like that… Seriously, for the people in my business that say they don’t have time to read, I tell them to leave a book in the bathroom and read 1 page every time they pee… They’ll end up reading several pages a day. 🙂

It works. Whatever your goal. There IS a solution. The solution usually resides in creating a HABIT.

I hope this was helpful to you. If it was, just shoot me a quick message to get my Goal Setting & Achievement Video & PDF Series. It’s totally free, well… you do need to send the message. 😉

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