Oreos anyone? There. I said it. I’m eating Oreos. I’m not stressed. I’m not tired. I just want some Oreos! I know it may seem counter intuitive to post something like this (since my “career” is helping people with diet, exercise and motivation) BLAH BLAH BLAH… 🤪    

On the real though, I am not a “food Nazi” by any means! What’s a “food Nazi” – it’s that person that shames you for ordering a burger instead of a salad. They’re the people that seem like they have willpower of steel and just plain make me want to punch something sometimes. 😝

I AM a fitness professional. I AM a motivator. I am NOT perfect. I believe in moderation (as I type this I’m crunching away on ANOTHER Oreo). Yes my friends. I’m gonna eat FOUR! Hahaha. And you know what? I’m gonna love ❤️ every friggin second because I CHOSE this moment. Now, I might get some flack from other people in the fitness world for posting something so horrific (hahaha). But, isn’t honesty better than perfection?

On social media it’s SO easy to feel less than, not good enough and judged, simply by reading what other people post. But let’s face it. They only post the good stuff right? (Well, except for those that are always posting to “blow off steam”…. don’t get me started on that whole “can I just vent please”… ok… another day for my strong feelings about that!) 😆 

Today is about EMPOWERING you to acknowledge when you decide to go “off diet” or CHOOSE (with complete awareness) that you just will NOT give up coffee creamer, no matter how many times people say you should! This should be a crime in my personal opinion. I love coffee ☕️ creamer and even when I’m hosting a Slim Down challenge or weight loss group, you’d better believe I’m drinking coffee ☕️ creamer every day because it’s AMAZING and it makes me happy 😊! Did I mention I love ❤️ COFFEE ☕️hahaha. I’m addicted more than the average mom, but I’m cool with that.

Everyone’s got something and I believe in personal pleasures as long as they’re not harmful to yourself or others. So, have four Oreos, or more… but make sure it’s a conscious DECISION. Not a punishment, not a compulsion, not filling a void. The motive behind it all is what is important.

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