Is It Possible to Increase Your Willpower?

Have you ever wondered why you can be such a go-getter in one area of your life, then totally bomb in another If you’re like me, you’ve probably experienced something like this…You work all day, requiring tons of focus… you get a lot done. Then, you get home and have ZERO energy to cook something, get your workout in or even carry on a conversation… What happened? You were on fire at work and you’re very productive for someone else’s goal (your bosses goal for you at work) but somehow, when it comes to you, you don’t have the “time” or energy to do something for yourself (your personal goal).

Why is that? Willpower is a MUSCLE. And like all muscles, they can become weak OR they can be made stronger. Additionally, your Willpower (just like any muscle) can become tired and fatigued.

It’s important to recognize when your Will Power is tired… after a long day, after a stressful decision, etc. You can only take so much.

Here’s what you can do to help yourself succeed when working toward your goal:

1) Be aware of when your will power is getting low.
2) Don’t test your will power when you’re tired, moody or stressed.
3) Develop WHY POWER

Your WHY POWER will get you through tough times. It’s the deep down reason WHY you’re doing something. It’s something that’s close to home. It will bring tears to your eyes. It’s something that’s deep in your inner being that means the WORLD to you…

What’s your WHY POWER? Why are you going after this goal… really? What will it MEAN to you if you accomplish your goal? It’s the reason some people are successful and others are not – it always comes down to the reasons you’re doing what you’re doing.

The clearer your why, the bigger the motivation to go after it, the more you protect your will power muscle. And the best news of all… The more you work that muscle, the stronger it gets and the closer you get to your goals, every single day.

You Can Do Anything You Want. You Just Need to Want it Bad Enough!

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