Moving Baby from Two Naps a Day to One Nap a Day

Moving Baby from Two Naps a Day to One Nap a Day
Sleep Training is a HOT TOPIC among moms, right? To sleep train or not to sleep train… that was the question…

The more research I did the more I found that kids thrive with a schedule so we went for it. We have had our first on a schedule since he was 6 months old and we began with our 2nd son at 3 months.

Here are some super quick and simple tips on transitioning from two naps a day to one nap a day. Once you notice that one or both naps is getting more difficult (they don’t seem sleepy) then that might be a good clue that your child needs to merge naps. For both my kids this happened around 14 months; however, that’s not a standard – I’ve read that this typically happens around 12 months.

The way we merged naps was, I started pushing the 1st nap later by about 15 minutes every 1-2 days until he was at an appropriate one nap per day time. It worked wonders for us. Sleep is so important to brain development as well as overall health and learning. I 100% believe in the benefits of naps for a baby. Hope this video helped!

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