Set Your Health Goals – Step 2

Write your goalsLast week we covered some important stuff… the “Step 1” in setting your health goals. I had asked you to answer a few questions about why achieving your fitness goals are important to you. For some, that might mean the ability to play with your kids without getting winded. For another, it might mean eliminating some very expensive health medication. What it is to YOU is the key… it will become the driving force behind getting you on the right track, and keeping you going.

Today, we cover the “next step.”  This is where you get some goals on paper that are measurable.
Here we go!

(current stats)
Today’s date:__________________________
Start date:_____________________________
Name of Fitness Program:________________

Every person has his or her own individual fitness and nutrition goals. Your Coach (that’s me) will help you select the best program for you, and will support you along your fitness journey.
Check out available fitness programs to find the one that’s the right fit for you.

(goal stats)
Today’s Date:_______________________________
Start Date:__________________________________
Hips: _______________________________________

Lastly, let’s talk nutrition.
Here are my top 2 recommendations for you, to get your nutrition on track! Of course, the meal plan in your fitness program is ideal, but let’s just take some baby steps if you’re not ‘there’ just yet.  Here are two simple things I’m going to ask you to commit to… not for me, but for YOUR own reasons for why you want to get in better shape:

I commit to jump-starting my eating plan by following these recommendations:
RECOMMENDED                                       COMMITMENT
VEGGIES/FRUIT                                           _____________
(5-8 servings/day)
WATER                                                         _____________
(32-64 oz/day)

Recent research shows that 80% of our results come from our nutrition! So, if we can start moving in the right direction, it will only make the journey easier. Let’s do this together!

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Have an awesome day!

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