The Importance of Core Training

coreSo…what is core strength and why is it important?

Think of an apple. The core is the center of the apple, from which all else comes out. Now, apply that principle to your body. Your core strength is the central strength that, in one way or another, either inhibits (due to lack of strength) or promotes all other strength and movement in your body.

Your “CORE” is made up of four major muscle groups: Back, Abdominals, Hips and Glutes. All these muscles work together to suck in your tummy, tighten it up and… keep your spine stable! These core muscles are hugely important to things like: stability, balance, and posture.

Your core affects all the muscles that connect to the spine. So, just like the apple, your core strength is the central point from which all else comes from. It’s not just about your abs! Your core is your front, back, and sides!

Strengthening your core now will serve you later into life so start NOW! Connect with others and find support by joining our Facebook Group.

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