What Being Part of Team Fit Finances Looks Like


Having this community to lean on and be encouraged by over the years has helped me develop strength internally and externally. The money is secondary because my positive mental stamina has increased exponentially because of the basic vital behaviors of a coach and the ultimate support I get from everyone.


I love the training systems and mentorship. 


This team has been super supportive and helpful even if we all have different direct up-lines and different sponsors. You always feel welcome and you are being pushed out of your comfort zone more that you want lol. And we know how to have fun😊💃🏻


I feel like I’m included and supported even though I’ve never met any of them.


It gives me motivation to be a better leader and mentor. It’s challenging working alone sometimes.


Just one word FAMILY. Love my BB family and the community. Love what BB does for people.


I love our team and our community feel. And I appreciate that we aren’t pressured to hit ranks and stay active like I heard from other coaches.


 This team is super helpful and motivating. I love all these women!


I have the support everyday to reach for not only my personal goals, but my business goals as well.


I love having people who are behind me on my good and ugly days. I finally feel loved for who I want to be and not who others want me to be.

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