Why am I Posting a Gigantic Picture of my Face?

Why am I posting a gigantic picture of my face? 
1) because I can
2) I like my eyes 👀 today
3) I NEVER wear lipstick 💄 because it’s such a PITA!

Getting on the teeth… a lot of them have a yucky smell & taste… smearing, reapplying, etc… PITA!

So I usually just about avoid it altogether.

I know what you’re gonna say. lipsense…. yeah yeah… I need to get some but I had to get some quick, so I went on amazon and just ordered a couple colors I’ve had in the past

I LOVE ❤️ “24 Stay” – I don’t know the brand but if you look it up you’ll find it. I’ve eaten 3 times and haven’t reapplied. Oh and it’s been on since 7am (it’s now 1:30pm).

Still looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

So, for all the chicks out there that want to be low maintenance, like me, and don’t like a lot of hassle YOURE WELCOME!

I love 💕 little life tips like these, don’t you? (Notice I didn’t say “life hack”… doesn’t that sound a little criminal? I always think 🤔 of computer hacking or something…)

ok now that I’m off topic I will leave you with this.

Be yourself BOLDLY because God only creates amazing people! 🤗

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