I’ve Been a Little MIA Lately

I’ve been a little MIA lately… and it’s because I’m coordinating MIA. 

LOL… Ok… here’s the real deal.

Sometimes my social media gets a little quiet. It’s not because I’ve checked out, it’s because I’m prioritizing. It’s not that I don’t love you… I want you to have this freedom too! I want to be an example of what I FIRMLY believe in my soul… and the only way for me to live my best life and help you live your best life is to practice what I preach. 

I believe we only have so much to give to each priority in our lives. I don’t believe you ALWAYS have to be hustling… I believe in being PRESENT and doing your best with the things that the Lord entrusted you with.

That being said, a few months ago I got the opportunity to be Event Coordinator for Chalene Johnson‘s next Marketing Impact Academy!

(BTW, if you’re within driving distance of Orange County CA, you really need to come if you’re considering a business or have a business)

So, I’ve been busy doing that since it’s THIS WEEK y’all. I’m so excited about this because if you didn’t know this about me, I’m a TOTAL dork when it comes to planning, scheduling, etc. So event organization is RIGHT up my ally! Super fun (Don’t laugh) 

Hahaha – like I said, I’m kinda a nerd when it comes to personal development, business development, to do lists, personal achievement, goal setting… you get the picture. 

I have been at every single MIA live event and have completed the online course too.

It’s AMAZING! Truly. 

Back to why I was writing this post in the first place… I’ve been a little quiet lately and that USED to stress me out – I’d feel like a failure in some way because I wasn’t delivering to my ridiculous high standards that I place on myself.

I would feel as though I was letting the world down if I missed a day or wasn’t perfect at something – a task, a job, a friendship. 

Then, I had kids. Enter REALITY! A BIG dose of reality. I had to learn to TRULY prioritize my life and let go of my own self-imposed perfection (that no one else was keeping tabs on, btw). I had to learn how to put ME first (taking care of yourself HAS to be a priority – nutrition, exercise, sleep, prayer)…

It also taught me that the people who are depending on me to live (literally) were the ones I TRULY need to BE with – as much as possible.

We are in a fast-paced world where there’s SO MUCH demanding our time and attention.

Today, I give you permission to CHOOSE who gets your precious time. Prioritize your days so you are getting the most important things done so you can BE with the most important people in your life.

Don’t stress. Prioritize and the things that don’t make it to the top of your list day can wait. Be the best version of you possible. I believe in that… I don’t believe that beating yourself up was ever part of God’s plan for your life. Do what you can – to the best of your ability – we only have one life to live and I want you to live it to the full.

Have a blessed day friends!

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