Created For Greatness

I’m reading a new book. 
It’s about cultivating a movement. 

It’s about making a difference, a real, significant impact in the lives of others. 

That’s what I’ve always felt called to and actively have always worked toward this one idea:

How can I help people see their full potential so they can live a life that’s full, fun, amazing and means something!

It seems so big at times but it’s the reason I still push forward- offering advice, help, training, information and mentorship on a regular basis. 

It’s truly who God created me to be. I feel he’s called me to be a teacher and this is a passion of mine… these three words. 

These words came to me as I was driving home after an awesome cycle class today (I’m quite genius after a workout)

Back to the book and why I started this post to begin with: the book says that in order to really head a movement (a tall order) you have to be able to explain it in THREE WORDS! 

What??? I’ll be honest, I’ve been stumped for days… feeling like I had no idea what my words could be. 

I’ve known for quite some time I wanted to help people find FREEDOM and that’s totally the concept of what I teach… but I do agree that this doesn’t exactly describe the movement I would LOVE to see in those I love most and honestly, in society in general. 

Freedom how? 

These 3 Words: 

Created for Greatness

I believe we are ALL created for greatness. 

Not mediocrity. 

You were not created to settle. Life shouldn’t happen TO you… it should happen FOR you, and it can…

But you have to be an active participant. Just like faith without works is dead. 

You must choose to be an active participant in life so you can life the life that God intended for you!

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