This puzzle piece right here explains my driving force of everything I do.


That’s my word. That’s my purpose. That’s my reason for doing all the things I do.

All the hard work.
All the exercise.
All the meal planning.
All the reading.
All the podcasts.
All the business conferences.
All the work trips.
All the parenting classes.
All the prayer.
All the church services.
All the NOs.
All the haters.
All the mockers.
All the rejection.

It’s ALL WORTH IT to me. I guess it’s a good thing I was laughed at made fun of for the majority of my childhood. It made me have tough skin.

It also did something else that was far more powerful – it caused me to rely on Jesus for my self worth and purpose.

I hold myself to a higher standard than I hold anyone else because at the end of the day, I want to feel FREE.

FREE from judgement
FREE from physical pain
FREE from health issues
FREE from preventable disease
FREE from self hate
FREE from eating disorders
FREE from being hard on myself
FREE from debt
FREE from being broke
FREE from negativity
FREE from abusive relationships


I work hard. Every single day. Not because I find my worth in it (although it was once that). I do it because the Bible teaches us to “do all things as if you’re doing them for the Lord”.
(Totally paraphrased I know)…

You get the point. God wants us to be our best and I intend to make every day on this planet matter. For myself, my family and for those in my life. I hope you feel blessed today. You are a cherished creation Of the Lord above.

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