True Success For Me is Freedom

My family is my heart. I love these guys so much. Never did I expect to be a work from home mom, who gets to put her family first, above work. 

I come from entrepreneurs. I grew up learning about business and “being your own boss” but I didn’t think it was in my cards. 

I thought I was going to work hard, long hours my entire life… and had NO CLUE how I was going to “fit in” having a family.

In fact, my first “big goal” for my business was to make enough money so I could retire my parents (so they could watch my kids while I worked during the day).

Now I realize just how silly that sounds… Can ya say “work a holic” ??? Yes, that was me… 

Always “striving” and never “getting there”
Always “longing” and never feeling “fulfilled”
Always looking that “my purpose” but really not “finding it”

I was the person that KNEW I was created to do BIG things, AWESOME things, to never settle for MEDIOCRE… But I thought the path was to:

Work Endlessly
Sleep Less
Put Myself Last
Put Everyone Else at the Top of the List
Don’t Slow Down or you’ll sink (Kinda like a shark)
Just keep DOING MORE…
Over and Over Again

Where did that get me? Burned out, Bitter, Lonely, Struggling… not to mention EXHAUSTED

The switch flipped and I realized that I had become my own worst enemy. I had bought into this “HUSTLE” mentality that everything in life has to be HARD and STRESSFUL and that I couldn’t trust or depend on anyone to do anything right.

Yes. That’s a lonely, bitter place to live. After some really hard times I began reflecting on this “monster” I had become… and the sad thing was, I SEEMED to be killin’ it to everyone else. 

On the outside all was well, all was right and I was a “SUCCESS” but that was not MY Definition of Success… It was what I was taught to believe was the definition of success.

Now I know: Success to me is LESS STRESS, Being HAPPY with WHO I AM and Helping others find that path.

It’s there… it’s right in front of you… but sometimes we just need a map. (Can I get an AMEN?!?) 

I am so grateful for the leaders and educators who teach TRUE SUCCESS: 
– Getting your priorities straight
– Don’t worry about what others are doing
– Create your own destiny
– The mind is a powerful tool
– Self belief
– Therapy
– Honesty with who you are and who you want to become
– Peace, Happiness, Freedom

Being a mom is the biggest blessing I’ve ever received. I feel so silly to even say that my goal was to “retire my parents so they can raise my kids so I can work, work, work”

Now, I LOVE the fact that my husband and I both work part time, from home, so we can be full time parents. 

It’s a BLESSING I never even dreamed possible. The times we live in make such things possible.

Believe in yourself today. You CAN have freedom from stress, debt, physical pain, addiction… and yes, even that “J-O-B you hate”… 

You have the power to choose the life you want.

I am so grateful for hitting rock bottom because it paved the way for this beautiful family. I can’t be more grateful for what I have… and that my friends, is true freedom.

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