What Is It That I Do?

This past weekend I was blessed to be the event coordinator for Marketing Impact Academy. I’ve been an attendee for the last 4 years and this year, I got to organize it. It was a BLAST!

If you’ve ever done anything with marketing you’ve been asked “what’s your brand?” 
“What do you DO?”
“What problems do you solve?”

These are tough questions to answer because its so hard to be “defined”… am I right? 

I FINALLY feel like I know what that is for me. I’m boldly proclaiming it here because I want you to know what I “do”. (Yes I get asked this a lot)

To help people accomplish more and become better WITHOUT having to DO more or WORK more. Higher success, less stress. That’s what I “do” for the members of my team. 

Now, I don’t actually do the work FOR anyone. What I do is far more valuable than that. I teach people how to achieve and sustain successful habits so that they can pass them on to their friends, family and team Members. We are making an impact for generations to come and for that I am PUMPED!

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