How To Keep Up With Your Workouts!

Whenever you’re starting a new work-out program, the first few weeks are always the hardest. It’s important to learn how to keep the motivation to continue working out. This is incredibly crucial that you really grasp this point right from the get-go because chances are you are so excited during the first week, and too fatigued in the second.

It takes 21 days of doing something (or not doing something) consistently to solidify a habit. So at the minimum, whenever you’re starting a workout program, you want to get through those first three weeks without fail to make it a part of your everyday routine. So, don’t get discouraged if you’re feeling fatigued. It does subside. Here are three tips to keep up with your workout

Tip #1: Keep your work outs on a schedule – You’ve got to have a schedule. It has to be at a time when you know that you’re not going to be pulled away. For most people, this means early in the morning. But there are other people who like to do it right after they get off of work, or maybe right before bed. Schedule your work outs at a time that is non-negotiable, whenever that may be.

Tip #2: Go back and assess – Assess where you started from and how you feel now on a regular basis. Many times, even the smallest bit of change that we see in our bodies will be the motivation to continue on that path. When we’re doing something on a daily basis, a lot of times we don’t see the direct result right off the bat. Maybe it’s weight, maybe it’s measurements. Whatever it is, really, check your energy level. Think about day one to wherever you are right now. Where have you made progress? Help that to propel you and keep you working out and keep you pushing forward.

Tip #3: Remember that change is a good thing and embrace it! – Embrace the feelings that you’re feeling in your body. Embrace that you are making a difference. You are changing your life and you’re changing your body. When you make fitness a part of your regular routine, you automatically start boosting your self-confidence and you are more productive. You will feel more positive. Imagine that you have two planes starting in New York, both are going to California. The first plane has a consistent but very slow pace and it’s going to fly non-stop to California. Now the second plane has stop overs in every state all the way to California. But the speed of the second plane is four times the speed of the first plane. Which do you think will arrive at the destination first? The first plane!  The one that goes really slow, but is very consistent and doesn’t stop. That is the key!  Keep moving so you won’t lose your momentum.

If you keep up with your workouts, you will soon experience amazing results!

Are you new to working out? Check out my husband’s video on how to get started.

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