Setting Goals That Work

Goals That WorkWe all make goals… lose weight, work out more, eat healthier, be more active…

All these goals sound great and hold great potential. So, why don’t they ever work?
How often do they even make it to the next month? Here are three simple tips to making a goals that work!

Be Specific

Just making the goal doesn’t help you to accomplish it. Vague goals are easy to forget and offer no accountability. Example: “My goal is to lose weight.”

  • How much weight?
  • In what time frame should this be accomplished?
  • The more specific you are with your goal, the more you can focus your energies.

Break It Down

Once you have a specific goal, decide how you will carry it out. This is the step where you create your plan for success.

  • Will you work out?
  • How often?
  • In a gym, in your home?
  • With a partner?
  • Will you make changes to your diet?
  • This step, takes your specific goal and fleshes it out with intent and a plan of action.

Follow Up

  • Decide on a method for staying on track.
  • Try a progress chart posted somewhere easily visible.
  • Progress charts are a great tool to physically see how you are succeeding at your plan.
  • Choose an accountability partner.
  • Someone to check in on how you’re doing and give you the push you may need when the going gets tough.

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