Should I Go To Therapy

Why do so many of us have reservations about the topic of therapy? I can say that I too had reservations about the whole idea of going to therapy. I thought that I should be able to handle whatever it was going on, just keep positive and trust God and let Him do the work in me.

While I do still believe in those things, I also want to tell you that going to therapy totally changed my life. It’s helped me to break down walls within relationships, break down walls within myself as well as just really helping me figure myself out. Whether we realize it or not, what we do most of the time is run by the beliefs in our head that we have of ourselves. We might not always be conscious of it, but it is run by that.

No, I am not a therapist but I do a lot of health and fitness coaching and I don’t know if you’ve ever worked towards a health and fitness goal or just tried to change a behavior in any way that is such a mental exercise. Recently I listened to a podcast that said it is our habits that keep us in our comfort zone, so as soon as you start to do something uncommon our mind automatically tries to go back to the comfort zone.

There are a lot of reasons why I believe that people should go to therapy. I have dealt with some gnarly stuff in my life, along with some seemingly insignificant things that have truly had an impact on my relationships, my business, and my ability to succeed, self sabotage. So, if you really sat back and did a self examination of what areas in your life do you feel stuck at, therapy may be an answer. If you’re not willing to do the work on yourself and if you aren’t willing to go to bat and do the things you know you need to do to change yourself in order to change relationships than it isn’t going to work.

There is nothing wrong with saying I need help or I need to talk this through, It is not a weakness. Think of it as getting a cast for a broken bone, would you seek professional help to make sure to cast it correctly, or would you just tell yourself you could handle it on your own. I believe God created doctors and professionals with specific gifts so that we can benefit from their gifts. There are people who have the gift of truly helping people listen, the mind controls it all so if you have a little piece of something that is mildly broken now, but if these events or past traumas can be addressed and understood perhaps we could save ourselves some pain.

What I’m saying here is you want to seek professional help in the areas that you know you’re not a professional in and in my opinion there is nothing more important than how your brain works, the thoughts you have will ultimately affect your life. I’ve gone to therapy for many different reasons, starting with my body issues, along with exercise anorexia as a teenager all the way to recently with postpartum depression. I am currently doing what is called EMDR therapy and I love it! I am working through somethings because I know I want to be better for my family.

I’m gonna encourage you to listen up if you know you have some things that you need to get through and you know the people in your life deserve a better version of you. It’s not always about just being tough and pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and figuring it out on your own. Trust me! I’m the most independent, hard-headed person you will ever meet on the planet but I’ve learned through therapy on how to let my husband take the lead. I’ve also learned that it’s a good thing for people to feel like they are taking care of you. It helps them to feel like they’re of service and are serving a higher purpose than just looking after themselves. Even if you don’t feel like you need it, trust me therapy is not a bad thing. It’s a good thing and I want to encourage you today, I want you to take that leap of faith, I want you to go for it.

If there’s nothing else that you take away from this today I just want you to know that your brain is just like any anything else in your body, it needs attention and if it needs a fix you need to find the help/person that is going to help you fix it so you can live the best life for you and those important people around you. Leave a comment below and subscribe 🙂

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