Your Most Effective Weapon – Your To Do List

To Do ListFeeling scattered? Busy? Like you are never getting anything done but always running around? Are you forgetting things? Losing focus? Stressed?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you are in need of a daily To Do List! Scheduling your time will ensure you finish tasks, stay on track, and ultimately get things accomplished.

Make it a Habit

  • Writing a To Do list can become just one more thing to do. Another easy thing to let go of and forget how important and helpful it can be.
  • The best way to make it a habit is to write it at the same time every single day.
  • Link it with a relaxing ritual like drinking your morning coffee.
  • Every morning when you wake up, write your list with your morning coffee.
  • Soon this will be a task you look forward to doing each morning.

Schedule It

Block out times or use an hourly grid for your To Do List.

For example:

  • 7am – write To Do List with coffee
  • 8am – workout/class

Schedule tasks like an appointment that cannot be broken. Blocking out times for each job will help ensure you get it done.

Prioritize Tasks

Move any of yesterday’s unfinished tasks to the top of today’s list. Next, put the hardest tasks, those that you are dreading doing, at the top of the list. Get on those more challenging tasks right away, do not procrastinate! Make up your mind to get them done first. It will start you off with a feeling of accomplishment, and help the rest of your day run smoother.

Check Off

As you complete tasks, cross them off your list! Marking them out will help you feel successful. You will know you are getting things done/completed/finished/accomplished! The positive feeling of success will help boost your mood and keep you energized, motivated, and positive.

YOU Time

Schedule 30 minutes to 1 hour of YOU time each day. Do not cancel this appointment. This is your reward for completing so many tasks all day. Make this a priority, just like writing your list each morning.

A great time is at the end of the day. Reward yourself with a bath, book, meditation, or anything that makes you relax.


  • Go to sleep!
  • Put it on your calendar. Schedule at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Sleep has be proven to help people be more optimistic, focused, energized, and even lose weight.
  • Do not sacrifice your sleep. It is as important as eating, staying hydrated, exercising.
  • So close your eyes and go get some zzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

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