Breastfeeding & Exercising – Is It Safe?

Let’s talk a little bit about working out again after having a baby. While you’re breastfeeding, you are still very, very vulnerable to being injured.

During pregnancy, the hormone Relaxin is in your system. That’s why you have to be really careful about certain things like standing on one leg and doing exercises. You have to be really careful about not over stretching.

The probability of getting injured is a lot higher when you are pregnant and it’s not any different from when you’re nursing, actually.

When you are nursing and allowed to work out again, you can get pumped up, motivated and hit your work out hardcore. But by hitting it too hard, too fast you can hurt yourself and it will take you a couple of weeks to deal with that which will put off your workouts even more.

If you are a new mom and you are getting back in to working out, just take it easy. Enjoy it. It’s such a precious thing that we get to breastfeed our babies. Handle it with care because sometimes we forget that we have to be healthy and strong first in order to be healthy and strong for our babies and for our families.

Keep that in mind.

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