Does God Heal Today?

Hi my name is Holly Hierman, CEO of Fit Finances. Typically the types of videos and blogs that I do are on business or fitness advice. But today I have something a little bit different for you. It’s something I’ve wanted to share for a really long time. It’s a message of hope, it’s a message of freedom and a message of healing.I’ve been a Christian my whole life. I’ve always believed in God and I know that God does amazing, wonderful things, especially if you are seeking after Him. It even says in the Bible, all you have to do is knock and ask and it shall be given to you. Of course you must ask in faith!

In today’s day and age, well, at least for myself, I know I’ve taken that for granted!

Just a couple years ago, something happened to me that really changed the way I look at prayer, and faith and healing.

Here’s a little backstory…several years ago I damaged my meniscus, (basically, cartilage in your knee). I had a partial tear in my meniscus and I didn’t want to get it treated. I was being really stubborn and I was babying it! This caused me to not only have one bad knee but all of a sudden I had two bad knees! It became a very long process of physical therapy, doctors, MRI’s, treatments, X-Rays, and surgery or no surgery. It wasn’t only in one knee and because I had been favoring that leg for so long, I now had both knees possibly going out!

I have a very long history of injuries: I was a gymnast at one time. I had severe neck, back, and feet injuries. Pretty much everything, up to the time when I was 15. I almost broke my back and I was told I would never do anything physical again by my doctors. Little did they know how much of a hard worker I was and I just did NOT accept that as a truth! So I worked on it very, very, very hard for many years in order to get to the point I could work out again and in order to get to the point where I could walk without a limp. I was told I would walk with a limp for the rest of my life from that back injury.

I had a slew of back injuries just from being a gymnast and being an active child. I always joked and said, “I don’t know what I’ll do if my knees go out because it’s the only good joints I have left!”

Well, there I am in my late 20’s and all of a sudden, my knees were going out. I was no longer able to do my very, very favorite format, Turbo Kick! I actually had to pull back from that and take a break from it for a year and a half. My physical therapist said I probably wouldn’t do it again: I needed to stay away from anything that was high impact and I kinda accepted that as truth…sort of. Then I decided to push through, go to physical therapy, take this time to heal my body and actually do the exercises they gave me at home. So I did that and I was able to start getting back on track and start getting to a place where I could do my workouts again and I didn’t have any knee pain.

And then all of a sudden, and I mean all of a sudden, I was plagued by terrible pains in my feet and I remember feeling SO defeated!! I had taken 2 ½ years and I was finally to the point where I could workout without pain in my knees and I could be consistent with exercise. Fitness fuels me! It helps me to think clearly and I felt so disappointed!

I was waking up literally every morning with such severe pains in the bottom of my feet, that I had to tip toe to the sink in the morning. I’ve had plantar fasciitis and I’ve had bone spurs but this was just different…it was constant pain throughout both of my feet!

I don’t know where the revelation came from, maybe I was talking to one of my girlfriends, and I mentioned something and the thought came into my head, ‘Maybe God is trying to get my attention.’  Because I felt like everything that I could’ve physically done, I’ve done! I’m not saying God puts trials or things like that into your life. But I am saying I believe He allows things to happen in order to get your attention. In order to say, “Let’s do this my way.” Because I’ve been doing things Holly’s way for a long time, if you’ve read my story thus far. That was in the back of my mind and then a couple weeks later, there was an announcement at church that they were doing a prayer training. And I thought, yeah, I need to focus on my spirituality a little more. I felt like there was more and I thought it was a good chance for me to get to know some people in my church.

It was fantastic! Prayer training went on for 8 weeks and I learned how to pray better and I had some really great moments. But the very last meeting was about healing. Healing comes in all forms, spiritual healing, emotional healing and I believe I had experienced all of those types of healings before. But as we were talking about healing people and that literally, the Holy Spirit, once you accept Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit fills you with the power to do all of those wonderful things and miracles that you read about in the book of Acts and that you read about Jesus doing when He was on the Earth with us. We have God living inside of us! The Holy Spirit gives us the ability to heal people!

And I remember thinking, “Ok, I’ve never really asked for healing! I’ve never prayed for God to heal my feet or my knees…” I’m a fixer, I just always ‘fixed!’ Just give me the blueprint and I’m gonna do everything in my power to fix it. But I realized at that point I needed to surrender and step out in faith and ask for healing.

In the meeting that night, at the end they opened it up to anybody that believed they needed healing. Man, it was so hard and before I could speak, I immediately started crying and I said, “I feel so guilty, I don’t even want to ask for prayer. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t feel worthy, but I didn’t want to ask for prayer because I feel like there are so many other people who need it so much more than I do.” And here I am, I’m bummed because I can’t workout to my fullest! I told them, “I feel so stupid asking for this but I don’t know where my pain is coming from.”

I told them a little backstory about pain in my knees and finally getting that under control and now this is happening! These wonderful people at my church surrounded me and placed their hands on me and began to pray. And literally the instant these people started praying for me, the bottoms of my feet got hot. I felt the physical touch of God grabbing onto my feet and I felt Him healing me! I felt all of these tingling’s on the bottoms of my feet. And I didn’t relay any of this information as it was happening because I was thinking, I’m so making this up! I felt maybe I wanted it so bad, I was somehow causing my body to do these things.

But at the end, I told them and they were saying, “Praise Jesus! This is Him! He’s healed!”

When I left that night, the bottoms of my feet were still tingling and I felt so much better. Then of course the enemy comes in and says, this isn’t gonna last and you’re gonna look like a liar to everybody because this will not last!

Well, let me tell you, this was a couple years ago and from that moment on, I have NOT experienced that pain. There have been days when I’ve felt it a little bit but it’s 98%…gone!! I do believe that God heals today and there are no small requests. He cares for all of us equally.

This was on my heart to share with you today. It’s totally a different person than what you normally see. I really wanted to pass on this message of hope to you today! It’s not just about physical healing. It actually goes beyond that! I want to encourage you! I know the God that walked the earth back then is the same God that heals today. He’s still alive!! There’s nothing you can do to separate yourself from that as long as you decide to choose Him!

If you’re feeling courageous, I want you to pray for healing! Of course I can’t guarantee your prayers will be answered. There are a lot of prayers that go unanswered and I know there are divine reasons for that. Not all of my prayers have been answered, but I will tell you that if you seek after Him, He’s going to give you the path that you need.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you have a good day 🙂 If you know of someone that would benefit from this blog, please feel free to forward this!

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