How Shakeology has helped my dog!

This blog was written from a video that my awesome husband, Keith did! In it he talks about how Shakeology helped our dog beat cancer!

I’ve been on Shakeology since its inception. It makes me feel great! I love Shakeology! I take it in the morning as a meal replacement.

A little something different about Shakeology is we have a pit bull and when I fell in love with Holly, I was forced to fall in love with her pit bull.

Our pit bull had these bumps on her skin and we didn’t know what they were. So we took her to the vet, they did some tests on them and they told us she had cancer!We had to take her to a cancer vet, which I didn’t even know existed.

We took her and multiple times we had 10-12 bumps removed and 3-6 months later, new bumps appeared. So we had a chart that was a silhouette of a dog where we kept track of bumps removed, new bumps, and bumps that had been tested.

We ended up having to give her chemotherapy! Now, Chemotherapy for a dog is highly toxic and it comes in pill or liquid form. We gave her pills and we had to do this for 6 months. We love our dog because she’s part of our family and when we started the chemo, we also started to give her a half a dose of Shakeology.

Now this isn’t recommended by any vet and it probably isn’t recommended by Beachbody. But let me tell you what Shakeology’s done. She beat the cancer, she no longer gets the bumps, she continues to drink her half a shake a day and her favorite flavor is greenberry! And believe me, she’s tried them all but the greenberry is what she prefers.

I’m not a doctor and I can’t tell you what the properties of Shakeology are or how great it is for you. What I do know is, I know that it makes me feel great!

I came from an unhealthy background. My diet wasn’t healthy, I smoked cigarettes for a long time, I drank too much but I got rid of those vices. And with Shakeology I feel young! I feel really good! I couldn’t find anything else that was gonna do it for me.

I highly recommend Shakeology for you and your pet 😉 No one else probably encourages it for your pet, that’s just me!

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