How to Decrease Stress: 6 Quick Tips

Let’s face it, we are all leading busy lives. Busy lives are stressful!

It is how we choose to manage our lives that  will help us reduce stress.  Stress can be detrimental to overall well being.  It decreases the immune system which leads to more frequent illness.  Managing stress is essential in preventing many illnesses, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.  We can take action and find ways to reduce stress and lead more positive, fulfilling lives.

Quick Tips To Lead a Less Stressed and More Happy Life:

Time Management: Having a daily “plan” and checking tasks off your list will help you stay focused, on task, and feel a sense of accomplishment throughout your day!

Take A Walk: When you find yourself feeling anxious, go for a quick walk to clear your mind.  Focus on deep breathing exercises with longer inhalations and exhalations.

Yoga: Regular yoga practice has proven to help reduce stress and improve people’s physique, mental focus, clarity, and outlook on life.  Yoga releases toxins, increases strength, flexibility, and balance while increasing self esteem and mental focus.

Be An Active Listener: Instead of focusing on yourself and your thoughts, meet friends and listen. Communicating, in person, help us focus on others and feel part of a group/community.  Hearing our friends’ schedules helps us realize we are all in the same boat.  Connecting socially is essential in stress relief and self esteem.

Me Time: Schedule on your to-do list at least 30 minutes or 1 hour of “me” time everyday.  No excuses!  Exercise, read, take a bath.  Schedule this time to do whatever makes you feel relaxed and clears your mind.  Moms in particular tend to always take care of others.  Loving yourself and taking care of yourself teaches your children that you are important too.

Meditate: Guided meditation techniques helps clear the mind.  Just sitting or lying still and breathing reduces stress.  Focus on the mind’s eye in the center of the forehead.  When your mind wonders to what you have to do next, focus on your breath only.   Quiet and clear your mind.

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