How to Get Over the Fear of Starting a Home Business

Starting a home based business is the wave of the future and I want to help you get over the fear of entrepreneurship. Ten years ago we were in a completely different world, we were in a completely different everything and our views of home based businesses were extremely different. We bring our own experiences and often times our own perceptions into our thoughts on what home based businesses are.

What I thought about these types of businesses is that you had to hold a bunch of inventory and stock, host parties and hopefully get your friends and family to buy up whatever it is you were selling. I thought having my own home based business meant I was going to have to badger my friends and family and they would look at me like a pushy salesman. None of what I had experienced in the past sounded very appealing to me, so I was not interested in anything that resembled this type of business.

What changed for me nine years ago when I started with my home based business with Beachbody is I was at a point in my life where I really needed to make a side income. At the time I was making good money as Vice President for Chalene Johnson’s former company, Powder Blue Productions, before it was purchased by Beachbody, where we launched fitness programs and certified instructors in various formats like PiYo and Turbo Kick. I made good money but my debt far exceeded what I was able to make working full time and also teaching classes and certifications on nights and weekends.

I am sure you’ve all been at some point where you look around and think, how did i get here? It was about nine years ago when I was approached about starting my own home based business. I was extremely skeptical, and asked all the questions you have probably thought to yourself. I told them all the things I was thinking, for example, I didn’t want to pressure people into buying something they didn’t need or want.

Online business is the wave of the future. Not very many people these days are able to work at the same job for dozens of years and retire with enough to live on. People are having to work well past retirement age, times have changed. We do so much online these days, we live online. Where are you right now? You are with me right now, online. It’s ridiculous for us to think we have to go to an office to make money.

We can do so many things online now, including watch tv, live videos on Facebook and YouTube, get an education, buy groceries, so many things, why not have an online business? Technology is only accelerating, look around, everyone is constantly on their phones, even our children.

It is easier now to become an online entrepreneur. You can open an online business for a couple hundred dollars a year. In the past in order to open a business, you needed a business plan, thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands borrowed from a bank, and that is before you even counted in locations and employees.

Now, you can literally open your own online franchise for pennies on the dollar. For a coach in my company, Beachbody, for someone who is actively consuming the product you would only spend a few dollars a day. The training is free, the products are proven, you don’t have to develop a business plan, or create new products, they do it all for you.

If you’ve ever worked for a company that launched products or services, then you know how hard it is. That is exactly what I did for Powder Blue Productions. We launched new workouts, fashion, did trainings, did all the legal work associated with a business. When you sign up with a home based business you have the entire backing of that corporation. At least with Beachbody, it is a household name, they are on tv everyday with different workouts and programs. They do all the advertising for you, they have streaming workouts, and most people know the name Beachbody.

How do you get over the fear of starting a home based business? Know that almost everybody has a side hustle, especially if you don’t have retirement set aside, or college funds for your children, or any type of debt. I have to tell you there is no reason you shouldn’t consider doing something on the side if you have 5-10 hours a week to squeeze out of your schedule to better improve your life. If you have the worries of finances weighing on you, there is no reason why you can’t take an hour of tv time and build a better future for you and your family.

My husband and I just celebrated our fifth anniversary and within the first two years in this business we were able to set up our family with retirement, college funds, and make sure our children are taken care of financially for whatever they may need if something were to happen to. That is because of the blessings this business has given us, along with paying off my severe debt, it has set our family up with the opportunity to set up a solid income, along with having no debt except the mortgage on our house. It is a blessing, I can’t put a price on how incredibly grateful I am for this opportunity I have been blessed with.

Christine Dwyer, my mentor and upline sponsor, along with another of my mentors, Chalene Johnson, who is a celebrity trainer with Beachbody, both told me that there is no reason why I shouldn’t be doing this. They both told me that there was no reason why I couldn’t be making millions with Beachbody. I am not bragging by any means, and I am not saying that we make millions a year, but we do well. I am just telling you this so you get over the fear of starting a home based business.

I was scared in the beginning, my husband who was my boyfriend at the time, thought it was a scam. We thought all the home based businesses were pyramid schemes, where you put money in and you get nothing back, and these are illegal and eventually these companies get shut down. When you are actually buying products or paying for services, this is not illegal.

Beachbody is by no means a pyramid scheme, in my company there are people that are below me that make more money than me. This is the type of business that no matter where you are in the company, if you work the business you can make money. Having a side business used to have a negative stigma, but nowadays so many people have a side income, whether it is with other companies or Beachbody.

I knew fitness and nutrition was legit, so I hoped the business opportunity with Beachbody would be the same. It has proven to be phenomenal, you can work where and when you want and you also don’t have to trade one specific hour for a certain dollar amount. I had a full time job but my salary was fixed, and I knew that it would not allow me to get where I needed to be in the future, relating to financial stability.

When my Beachbody business began to grow, I was able to give up some of the side jobs, like teaching group fitness classes and training other instructors. I sat down and calculated how much money I was making hourly for those side jobs, which equaled out to about $15-20 per hour, I then decided once my Beachbody business was making me more money than that I would give up those side jobs. I was able to step those things down, and I also did not need my full time job at Powder Blue Productions as well.

If you do network marketing right, you don’t need to work it full time. You make full time income working very part time hours. I get to make my own hours and as long as I do the right things I will get a bigger payout. If I work harder I am going to make more so I really started to pay attention. I didn’t have to pave my own way, I just had to look to the experts, to my upline coach and to those people who have already succeeded in their network marketing business.

If you aren’t familiar with the term network marketing, it is the same as multi level marketing, you are a representative for that company. With Beachbody, we are called coaches but it is the same as being a rep for any of those home based businesses.

Another thing that really drew me in and got me to get past my fear of starting in network marketing is I was told there are more self made millionaires in network marketing than any other type of industry. This is because it is solely based on your efforts, if you really grab onto someone who knows what they are doing you will go far. You need to have a strong leader, a strong coach, if you don’t feel like you are aligned with a strong leader, you need to find someone who has the type of business you desire and who also has a strong training system in place.

You need to work on yourself and figure out why you want to do this. This is foundational. Personal development, through reading books and also podcasts, has helped me push myself into achieving and reaching my goals.

I like to use the example of McDonald’s, being one of the best franchise out there, plus I love their iced coffee. It takes so much money to own a McDonalds, say you are the owner and you get sick, if you had to take off six months, do you think that store would go under? No it wouldn’t, if the owner had the systems in place so that his/her store could run itself, it would do just fine.

This has been my experience with network marketing, with Beachbody I am narrow focused, I try not to get distracted by other things.. When I know what I am supposed to be doing, I just focus and do. When you have put the time and effort into your business and do the foundational work in the beginning, even at the 5-10 hours a week, your business will continue to grow. I was focused on what needed to be done to get this business going. For two years I was consistent and working on the foundation which now has enabled me to work on other things like my inner peace, while my business is still making me money.

When Beachbody bought Powder Blue Productions they said to me that they would love to have me work for them but they were not able to pay me what I was making as a coach. So it was that fork in the road that made me focus on my coaching and making this business my main focus.

I am naturally a doer, an achiever, I feel most fulfilled when I feel important. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my life and the opportunity to stay at home with my young children and be a stay at home mom. However, this was not how I envisioned my life, I really thought I would be in corporate America and life looked a lot different than the way it does now. Right now, what I am working on is finding my inner peace and being ok with not being an overachiever, with not having to be top dog in everything and it has been a hard transition for me.

As a child I was short, I was chubby and bullied, so these things made me put up a wall and achieving made me feel tough and made me feel like I was ok. So these days, because of the foundation I laid at the beginning of my business, I have been able to take some time off and focus on my inner peace. I have been working on having more fun, I have been known to be a workaholic and I have been working on identifying when I need to take some me time, some fun time. I would never be able to work on this without the opportunity Beachbody has allowed me.

Imagine for a second what your life would look like if you didn’t have to stress over money? Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about disease? Can you picture your life more healthy? This company has done so much for me in so many ways, first it was to get out of debt, then it was I wanted to have a savings. Then it was I wanted to start a family and stay home with them.

Today my reason, my why, is to help people, there are people out there that are hurting, physically, emotionally, and financially. The way you look is fabulous and yes that used to drive me, however, due to the number of injuries I have from being a gymnast, I just want to feel healthy. I need to work on feeling healthy, I am not trying to prove myself by my looks and being a stellar athlete.

I work out to feel healthy, to feel confident, to have more energy, I am not trying to have the perfect bikini body. If you understand this, you get what I’m talking about. It is not what I am working towards right now, it doesn’t mean I won’t get there at some point, but it is not where I am in life right now. My relationships are so much more important to me than having the perfect body at this point in my life.

Getting back to why you need to overcome your fear of starting your own business, what I get to do now is I get to help people get their life back. I see so many people held back by fear, including about 90% of my team. We can’t be afraid to live the life of our dreams. I am here to tell you don’t be afraid, decide who you want to be and just go for it.

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