MomentumWhat makes successful people successful? It’s so much easier to keep the ball rolling than to start it up over and over again. How do we keep the ball rolling? With MOMENTUM…

Move: Just do something to get started. Get into a daily habit.

Overcome negative voices: Negative thoughts from yourself and others will only bring your down and slow your progress.

Meaning: It has to have meaning for you. Have a very powerful WHY for what you do.

Endurance: Do a little bit at a time, don’t cram everything in one night.

N-centives: It’s all about you having the incentive and initiative first. You must care enough about your WHY to be a self-starter and not sit around waiting for things to come to you.

Take responsibility:  For where you are at. Wherever you are, good or bad, it’s your fault, your responsibility.

Unshakeable positive attitude: Always stay positive about where you are and where you are going.

Mentor: Start being a mentor to those around you. You have to lead yourself first before you are ready lead others.

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