Ultimate Reset – Day 10

day 10

Day 10 of 21 on Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset

Yay! Half way through the Ultimate Reset and feeling fabulous! Lunch today was my favorite meal so far – a Greek salad with a Sweet Potato & Pepper Bisque. I feel like I’ve lost even more weight just in the last couple days. My clothes are starting to fit a little better and the energy is incredible. I’m amazed at how much energy I have when I wake up each morning.

Before the reset I was sluggish until I got a few cups of coffee in me but this last week I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in energy when I wake up each morning.  Every morning I keep feeling like I’ve overslept because I’m waking up feeling much more rested. One of the bigger challenges for me with the program is preparing the food, and cleaning up. However, all the effort and dishes are really worth it as I experience the results.

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Learn more about the Ultimate Reset >>

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