Steps to Get Motivated to Workout

Here are 3 quick tips on steps to motivate yourself to workout.

Plan it, write it down if you can and just do it. Identify the reasons why you want to do it, why you are reaching for this goal. You aren’t going to feel the motivation until you get started, and once the ball is rolling your motivation to continue will be there. Create accountability, whether it is by joining a group or having an accountability partner, something that makes you show up. These steps will help motivate you and keep you motivated to continue with your fitness goals.

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Do I Have Time to Start a Home Business?

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that you need to make more money, you’re thinking that you need to find a secondary income, you’re thinking that you need a way, a plan B a just-in-case a fallback plan. I know exactly what you’re thinking because I was thinking those same exact things. You’re also thinking but I’m already really busy, I have a full-time job or I’m a full-time mom.

You may have noticed that it seems like everybody’s got a little side hustle going on these days, everybody’s got something that they’re doing on the side and that’s a clue to the fact that what we’ve been doing traditionally just it’s not working anymore. The simple fact is, times are different and we need to do more to get ahead, to pay off debt, to have things that we need or want. If you’re anything like me, I made good money but my debt far out exceeded what I was making and I just couldn’t figure out how to get ahead. If you feel like that, or if you’ve ever felt like that, then maybe you’re thinking I just need to work harder, I just need to work more, I just need to sleep less and learn how to multitask better. I wish I had an opportunity like I have now I wish I knew about something like an online business back then because I would have been able to work a lot smarter and less hours and make more of an income.
I’m here to tell you today that yes home businesses do work but only if you do them right. Most people fail at home-based businesses because of two things; lack of belief in themselves and lack of scheduling and just not knowing how to find the time. So today I want to cover for you a couple tips before you even take that leap of faith before you even jump and decide to sign on the bottom line and join a home-based business. I want to help you figure out if this something that’s feasible for you. The first thing I want you to do is to figure how much time do you spend every day watching television, figure out how much out how much time you spend each day just kind of surfing social media or going through your news feed. All those little things that may be taking some time away from you where you can potentially find power pockets of time to use to create your future.
When I was first building my home business, what I did was I used lunchtime and I used my drive time to build my business. Figure out where you can possibly fit in increments of time.
I’ve been a stay-at-home mom because of the success that I had with my home business. I’ve been able to be a stay-at-home and work my business in the pockets of time I have. A lot of times I would work from my phone, with home based businesses this is typically were a lot of work happens. We all have become masters at using our smartphones so this is a no brainer.
Second thing I’m going to recommend is to figure out what you can give up for the next two years, what can you sacrifice for the next two years in order to get ahead. When I train my team, when I bring them on, one of the things I say is how many hours per week are you willing to find, are you willing to carve out of your schedule to set you up for success. I am not saying to cut everything fun out of your life, but figure out what is going to be your business building time. What you need to figure out is what you could be doing in the time you have to push yourself farther. For me, instead of listening to music on the exercise bike or on the treadmill or in the car I was either making phone calls, doing personal development or listening to business training audios. I wanted to build this empire, so the pockets of time that I found or was willing to sacrifice for the time being contribute to my future and to where I am now. I had this dream I wanted to get out of debt and wanted to build this empire. So that’s tip number two: was to figure out okay what can I put on hold just for a while.

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True Success For Me is Freedom

My family is my heart. I love these guys so much. Never did I expect to be a work from home mom, who gets to put her family first, above work. 

I come from entrepreneurs. I grew up learning about business and “being your own boss” but I didn’t think it was in my cards. 

I thought I was going to work hard, long hours my entire life… and had NO CLUE how I was going to “fit in” having a family. Continue reading

What Is It That I Do?

This past weekend I was blessed to be the event coordinator for Marketing Impact Academy. I’ve been an attendee for the last 4 years and this year, I got to organize it. It was a BLAST!

If you’ve ever done anything with marketing you’ve been asked “what’s your brand?” 
“What do you DO?”
“What problems do you solve?”

These are tough questions to answer because its so hard to be “defined”… am I right? 

I FINALLY feel like I know what that is for me. I’m boldly proclaiming it here because I want you to know what I “do”. (Yes I get asked this a lot)

To help people accomplish more and become better WITHOUT having to DO more or WORK more. Higher success, less stress. That’s what I “do” for the members of my team. 

Now, I don’t actually do the work FOR anyone. What I do is far more valuable than that. I teach people how to achieve and sustain successful habits so that they can pass them on to their friends, family and team Members. We are making an impact for generations to come and for that I am PUMPED!

5 Things You Can Do Today to be More Productive

I am always looking for ways to make better use of my time and be more productive. I have five productivity tips for you to do that will help you be more productive, accomplish more, and ultimately help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.

These goals can be anything from personal goals, fitness goals, and business goals. Whether you are a stay at home mom looking for how to be more productive at home or looking for how to be more productive at work, these tips will help you.

1. Listen to classical music

2. Eliminate distractions

3.Start with a list of priorities-your current goals

4.Make sure you work from the list you made


I know that things can get in the way and you may feel like it is difficult to accomplish everything you have to do everyday, but if you try to do these five things everyday you will see how much more productive you can become.

Why am I Posting a Gigantic Picture of my Face?

Why am I posting a gigantic picture of my face? 
1) because I can
2) I like my eyes 👀 today
3) I NEVER wear lipstick 💄 because it’s such a PITA!

Getting on the teeth… a lot of them have a yucky smell & taste… smearing, reapplying, etc… PITA!

So I usually just about avoid it altogether.

I know what you’re gonna say. lipsense…. yeah yeah… I need to get some but I had to get some quick, so I went on amazon and just ordered a couple colors I’ve had in the past

I LOVE ❤️ “24 Stay” – I don’t know the brand but if you look it up you’ll find it. I’ve eaten 3 times and haven’t reapplied. Oh and it’s been on since 7am (it’s now 1:30pm).

Still looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

So, for all the chicks out there that want to be low maintenance, like me, and don’t like a lot of hassle YOURE WELCOME!

I love 💕 little life tips like these, don’t you? (Notice I didn’t say “life hack”… doesn’t that sound a little criminal? I always think 🤔 of computer hacking or something…)

ok now that I’m off topic I will leave you with this.

Be yourself BOLDLY because God only creates amazing people! 🤗

I’ve Been a Little MIA Lately

I’ve been a little MIA lately… and it’s because I’m coordinating MIA. 

LOL… Ok… here’s the real deal.

Sometimes my social media gets a little quiet. It’s not because I’ve checked out, it’s because I’m prioritizing. It’s not that I don’t love you… I want you to have this freedom too! I want to be an example of what I FIRMLY believe in my soul… and the only way for me to live my best life and help you live your best life is to practice what I preach. 

I believe we only have so much to give to each priority in our lives. I don’t believe you ALWAYS have to be hustling… I believe in being PRESENT and doing your best with the things that the Lord entrusted you with.

That being said, a few months ago I got the opportunity to be Event Coordinator for Chalene Johnson‘s next Marketing Impact Academy!

(BTW, if you’re within driving distance of Orange County CA, you really need to come if you’re considering a business or have a business)

So, I’ve been busy doing that since it’s THIS WEEK y’all. I’m so excited about this because if you didn’t know this about me, I’m a TOTAL dork when it comes to planning, scheduling, etc. So event organization is RIGHT up my ally! Super fun (Don’t laugh) 

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