Be Where You Are!

Take control of your lifeDid the subject line get your attention?  I know it sounds so silly to “be where you are,” because after all, how can you NOT be where you are?  Right?!

That was my initial thought when I heard this phrase four years ago… I found it strange, yet… it caught my attention.

Do I have your attention yet?

Let’s face it, we have all experienced this – when your body is present, yet your mind is elsewhere.  I used to live in this state – always thinking about work when I’m at home and desire to be at home when I’m at work and so on… Making sense yet?

This has been the number one key for me to find balance in my life and finally overcome the feeling of being frazzled, busy and downright stressed!

Here are 5 Tips that will help you really Be Where You Are:

1) Schedule everything.

On a calendar, schedule work, family time, brainstorm time, alone time, workout time and everything! Put it on a calendar

2) Block out your day.

We are all busy and we need structure to get it all in. When you block out, for instance, 7-PM is dinner and family time, you will give more importance to that which is important and this one step helps to elevate the feeling of “laziness” or guilt because you’ll view it as something that’s just as important as your 9-5 job.

3) View every “appointment” as non-negotiable.

Once you’ve blocked out the time, stick to it. Yes emergencies come up, but it has helped me a great deal to keep balanced when I stick to my time blocks. It will help keep you in control, instead of giving the control to whatever may pop up.

4) Work out first thing in the morning.

Seem like this doesn’t fit? It does! Top producers workout first thing in the morning. Why? The endorphins you get from a workout help make you more positive, energetic and creative, which will propel your day.

5) Drop the guilt!

We live in a time where people want things instantly. Unfortunately that has trained many of us to be reactionary to whoever needs us. You need to protect your time. Period. To excel, you must be able to control your time.
Control your calendar and you’ll control your life.

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