Ultimate Reset – Day 13

day 13

Day 13 of 21 on Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset

For the last 13 days I’ve spent a lot of time chopping veggies, washing dishes and doing a lot of cooking with foods I was previously unfamiliar with. I am almost done with week 2 of this 3 week program. The program guide has been really helpful in identifying new foods and the recipes have been delicious.

The idea of this reset is letting your body take a break, that means no working out during the program, and getting it “back to basics.” My husband has been eating the same meals as I have, but he isn’t doing the supplements and is eating double portions as he is still doing his workouts. Fortunately, he also helps with the meal preparation and has done all the shopping.

To accommodate a family celebration, my cousin graduated 8th grade, I flip flopped my lunch and dinner since we would be at a restaurant for dinner and it was easier to get a salad there. Even with “real life” happening during the program, I’ve been able to stick to the meal plans.

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