Healthy Lifestyle

Have you committed to a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits? Often we start off with great intentions, and then lose our way a couple months in. Only YOU can make health and fitness a part of your lifestyle. Not an option….a way of life forever! To maintain weight, the calories we consume must equal the calories we burn. (Energy Balance Equation) To lose weight, we must burn more calories than we consume. To gain weight, we must consume more calories than we burn.It all comes down to CALORIES! Some fad diets encourage cutting out carbohydrates! Carbohydrates are what ACTIVE people need most! Do not fall into the trap of dropping weight fast due to cutting out carbs! Cutting carbohydrates causes water weight loss and eventually, when the body has nothing left to burn, it burns muscle as fuel.

Why would you want to lose muscle through weight loss and send your metabolisms into the gutter?!

We know that the more muscle we have, the more our metabolism increases! With a higher metabolic rate, we continue to burn calories even at rest. Plus, once carbohydrates are eaten again, the lost weight comes right back… fast. Furthermore, excessive amounts of protein rob the body of essential fluids. This dieting practice can cause the Yo Yo syndrome.  Continually gaining and losing weight gets the metabolism off track, and in the we can end up gaining more fat than we originally had to start with. Who wants that?!

There is no magic potion.  Avoid ingesting weight loss drugs.  The effects of weight loss drugs are often not known.  Why risk your health to be a few pounds thinner?

Do you know the LONG TERM side effects?  Many cause hair loss, increase heart rate, and much more.

Fasting….some people fast in order to shed weight. Why?!

This practice dehydrates your body and hinders you from performing your best! That would be like an Olympic athlete starving prior to competition. Just to look an inch or two thinner?

Eight glasses of water a day keeps dehydration away! Staying hydrated helps keep your skin vibrant, your body energized, your mind focused. Drink!

We all want to look our best. It’s human nature. But at what expense? How can a few less inches change your life that much? Besides, we don’t see ourselves as others see us. Those few last inches are most likely only noticeable to ourselves!

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