In a Fitness Rut?

Do you find yourself doing the same thing all of the time and wracking your brain for new ideas?

Well help is here! To keep your workouts fresh, try the following 5 tips to spice them up!

Change Environments

Change things up a bit!  Working out at home?  Try moving to a different room to give you a whole new perspective.  Try exercising outside!   A new visual perspective might be all the change you need to add some spice to your workouts.

DVD 1, 2, or 3?

At the beginning of your session put 3 fitness DVDs in a box, close your eyes and pick one for your workout that day!


Get a new playlist!  Better yet go through your ipod and pick out one you haven’t played in quite some time.  It’s amazing how just music alone can be a refreshing change that inspires you to move in different ways.

Get with a Group

Attend a group fitness class.  We can always get motivation from taking classes.  The social aspect as well as fun music and choreography may be all you need to spice up your regimen.

Phone a Friend

Exercising with a friend always helps the time fly by and make fitness fun! Find a fitness buddy and take a power walk or find some stairs to climb together. Chat and have fun together!

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