3 Steps to a Healthier You!

Crash diets? New Year resolutions? Curb cravings? Skipping meals? Many of us tend to follow a shorter path to lose weight by setting huge expectations for ourselves but we actually end up complicating things, don’t we?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that challenging. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t an impossible task. Here are three simple steps that will not just keep you healthy, but also sustain you for a life long journey.

Step 1 – You have to find a workout that you really enjoy, because that’s the only way you’re going to look forward to it. You just have to try a bunch of things. It’s kind of like dating, right? Sometimes you have to date a bunch of people to find that perfect one. If you are struggling to find that perfect workout program then use something that motivates you along the way. For instance, if you like cycling or running but you still find it challenging to get through an entire workout or weight-lifting, then use something that motivates you through. Maybe that’s books on audio that you can plug into your iPod. Or potentially, that might be music for you. So find out what really motivates you and gets you pumped up.

Step 2 – You have to think of your diet as a lifestyle and not a short-term thing, something that you can sustain for life. A lot of times, people think of diet as a short-term thing and that you only have to do it for a week, a month, two months and then once you get where you want to be, then that’s it. That mindset needs to be changed. Your diet should be like your marrying a certain type of eating, basically. So you need to think about it as long-term. Whenever you’re figuring out how to feed your body, it’s really important that you’re thinking long-term. Is it something that you can sustain for a long period of time? It’s important to change that mindset and to start thinking of your diet as a relationship. It’s got to be something that’s give and take, right? Something that gives you the fulfillment that you desire and at the same time gives you great health benefits. At the end of the day it’s learning how to find a diet that works for you. 

Step 3 – You need to be determined to be consistent. Again, this is a lifestyle that you’re creating here. It’s not something that you can say is done. It’s not something that you’re going to push yourself really hard for the next few weeks and then you never have to work out or never have to eat healthy again. It can’t be like that. It needs to be a lifestyle that you yourself can live with. So, how can you be consistent? Is that thirty minutes a day for you? Is that an hour a day for you? Whatever it is, work on being consistent at it and you’re going to see better results than if you go on crash diets or any short term plan. It’s probably the worst thing that you can do for your body as well as mentally because if you’re constantly starting a program and then falling off, you burn yourself out. It’s not worth it.

So just make these three simple changes and stay consistent. You are not only going to see some great results but you will also feel very accomplished and you’ll make good habits. Our eating, it’s a habit. How we move our body, it’s a habit. If we’re consistent about something or not, it’s all about making habits.

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