I became a Beachbody coach in 2010 after the birth of my 1st child. I signed up solely for the amazing discount on Shakeology. I soon realized that the community of coaches is nothing like any other community I have encountered. The positive energy oozed everywhere and it truly was contagious.

The Beachbody community helped me lose over 50 lbs after the birth of my 2nd child!  More importantly, the network of coaches (or, as I like to call it family) helped me overcome the Post Traumatic Stress of having a preemie and Post Partum Depression. When you surround yourself with all that positive energy, good things happen! There were days when I  was in survival mode; just looking to get through the day when a coach would post something motivational or positive online and it would help me through those dark moments. By plugging into the community as a coach, it was an extra layer of accountability for my own journey to lose the baby weight so I can be a good role model for my 2 sons, and more importantly- so I can keep up with them! The programs work but the accountability of the Team Beachbody community is the secret sauce.

As a coach I have been able to help pay bills, buy birthday and Christmas presents and it has become a source of income that is great to have.  I love knowing that I am not only helping other people get healthy and fit, reach their own goals and see their potential; but, I’m able to help my family financially just by doing what comes naturally to me – being a friend and cheerleader to others on their weight loss journey.

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